Best Seo Practices for Website in 2017

Now a day people are moving very fast and for that reason we have to move very fast. They are using search engine to solve their most of queries or needs. In every seconds you can see new things are coming on internet. Competition is very high for everything; people are doing race in online market. If you want to make your brand & promote your brand online then seo is the best practice; it can help you to reach to people. You have to do smartly optimize your website; for that you need smart seo strategy that will help to improve your website ranking.

Best search engine optimization strategies:

Now a day people are dependable on phone because they can carry easily. If phone is giving you each & every facilities then you do not need carry any laptops. In future people will only use mobiles. So, to target mobile traffic you need responsive website. A responsive website can be mobile user friendly.

Your website should be very fast because now a day people do not have so much time to wait for loading to your website. If your website will take to much time to load then people will ran away from your website. So you need very fast website; always test that how much fast your website is? Because it is a major practice in seo.

When you are creating a website for your business then you should make a mobile friendly website; it will help to raise your users, who are using mobiles to fulfil their queries. Always test your site by “mobile friendly test” tool and you can get all the information that will help to make better mobile friendly website.

Always use top quality & unique content for your website. It will help in seo. You need also interesting & informative content for your website, then only visitors might be also interested to your website; they will come back to your website.

Today people are using with different social media sites and they are engaging with variable brand pages. You need to build your brand through social media. You need to create your business profile page and post some interesting creatives for your business that indicate your brand. It will help to promote your business. People also started know about your business.

Link building is very important in seo because it will help to spread your website through different other websites. It will help your get good links with best keywords.


Always use long tail keywords because searches of long tail keywords are less but chances of conversion will be high. This is a best practice to get most leads for your website.

Now https is best for website. It is more secure and protective.

Your website should be user friendly because users are most important for you. You have to assure that your website user will be get their service by one click. It is the best thing for a website.

Google is most important but other search engines like yahoo, bing, msn etc, these search engines are also very important because your website can get traffic from these search engines also.

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