Back Pain Conditions That Mainly Affect Women

Women suffer from more chronic back pain conditions than men. Every year several women are compelled to visit the neurology hospitals in Bangalore for various back pain related problems caused due to difference in pelvic structures, child birth and various hormonal changes that a woman is subjected to, throughout her life.

However, it is important to determine the best neuro hospital in Bangalore before finalizing on the neurologists in Bangalore. The fact is that there are more than one back pain conditions which haunts women, throughout India.


Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

This condition is very common among young and middle-aged females. This kind of joint pain occurs in the sacroiliac joint. This is the joint between the sacrum and the bones of the pelvis, known as iliac.

During the process of pregnancy the hormone relaxin is released throughout the body, in order to relax the ligaments surrounding the pelvis. This occurs so that more space is created for giving birth to the child. However, unfortunately in case of some women the effect continues thereby increasing the gap.

So, if you are facing pain down the side of your buttocks and down your legs too, then you must immediately consult the neuro hospitals in Bangalore.


The coccyx is the last bone of the spinal cord. It is also known as tail bone. Many women face tremendous pain in the coccyx region. Pregnancy related damages and injuries often trigger this kind of pain in women. Apart from that, other causes of this kind of pain include bad sitting posture or a past fall.

In such cases your tailbone will be painful to touch. It occurs very subtly but manifests rather quickly as it becomes chronic and can impact the daily chores including driving and walking.


Compression Fractures

Some compression fractures are linked to osteoporosis. These conditions weaken your bones and make them more prone to fracture. Women are more prone to this kind of bone conditions and it affects the upper back of a woman.

Spinal Osteoarthritis

It is a kind of degenerative arthritis affects the spine of a woman. It damages the cartilages and the bones and even causes fracture. If you are facing similar pains then you must immediately consult best neuro hospital in Bangalore.

This is a very critical problem for most women and if you are getting slightest hint of such issues then you must consult neurologists in Bangalore. The pain can be felt both on your upper and lower back.


It is another chronic condition that causes tremendous aching across the entire body. This is a condition which impacts the muscles, bones and even joints. This rheumatic condition can cause very severe back pain among middle aged women.
If you are facing such difficulties then you must go for a test at the neuro hospitals in Bangalore. Women are prone to this kind disease than men.

Piriformis Syndrome

This syndrome occurs due to tremendous muscle spasm and aggravation of the nerves. This happens due to stress or any past injury. If you are facing numbness and aching, all the way down your feet, then you should immediately book a visit at the neuro hospitals in Bangalore.

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